Kitten Killers

By Ron Bingham

I’m not sure whether I should be encouraging people to come and see this show or I should be calling for some men in white coats to take them somewhere safe and secure. This mid-afternoon show is full of violence (possibly involving weapons and small fluffy (toy) animals) and sex (the final song was about as gross as one can be in the daytime) and a lot of hilarious sketches.

This is the Fringe debut of the team (Fran Bushe, Kat Cade, Kate Lennon & Perdita Stott) but one or two of the group looked familiar (though whether that is because I have seen them at Edinburgh before or bumped into them on London’s Underground I can’t say, as the website they promote after the show hasn’t been updated since it was created and has little biographical detail). If they are all newcomers to Edinburgh, then this is a very impressive debut show. I did see one lady walk out half way through (after a very violent sketch involving Royalty and wildlife) and a lot of the punchlines are groaners, but if you can take the subject matter without becoming queasy then you will have a great time.

The room is small and the stage is tiny, so with four performers and a lot of props who move about the stage during their sketches, I suggest that the front row should be renamed the danger zone. Tickets for this show will sell out fast, once the word gets around about how funny they are.

Kitten Killers are performing at Underbelly, Bristo Square.
For Tickets and more information go to the Edinburgh Fringe Website: