5 Good Reasons to see Tea With Dystopia

1) Marek Platek & Firdi Billimoria have been tirelessly exploring the recesses of their minds to develop sketch comedy that is not only absurd, but also clever. See these 2 bring you their riotous cavalcade of short sketches and ridiculous characters, guaranteed to make your late night adventure to the Portland Hotel highly worthwhile.

2) Tea: a hot beverage. Dystopia: an imaginary world where everything is bad. Stir with caution. Do not add sugar. Tea with Dystopia should not be taken orally. If consumed, induce vomiting. Then add sugar.

3) We all know that in a few short years, the machines will eventually take over and the human race will become nothing but a means production. Its kind of already started hasnt it. So instead of descending into the horror of the machine apocalypse with nothing but anxiety and fear, why not do it with a graceful amount of sketch comedy. Tea with Dystopia cannot provide you with the grace, but can do the sketch comedy part.

4) Well the rumours are true, Marek Platek, the guy who brought you Wormhole and Domestos the Acid Fairy, is leaving the fair shores of Melbourne, for some place called Paris. That is correct friends, this is the last time you will see Marek perform in Melbourne for a while before he goes to study clowning under Philippe Gaulier. Not juggling, red noses and children’s parties and shit, real clowning.

5) In one of his drunken hazes in the early 90s, late Russian president Boris Yeltsin vomited on his security staff and whispered to a door mat “Give them hell!” , in broken English. The doormat has been emotionally scarred ever since and thus been a recluse since 1993. We have just heard that this doormat has bought tickets to Tea With Dystopia. So not only is guaranteed sketch hilarity to ensue, but it is also your chance to see Boris Yeltsin’s door mat in public for the first time in 21 years.

For information and tickets check out the Fringe website