5 Good Reasons to see The Sound of Nazis

1) Our last show, Wolf Creek: The Musical sold out at the Melbourne Fringe in 2013. Masses who didn’t get tickets in time huddled outside the performances, and their weeping was distracting for the actors. So if you bought tickets ahead of time, that would be really helpful for us.

2) The cast is really talented. None of them are world famous, so I guess they’re not THAT talented, but they’re definitely the most-talented-but-not-world-famous people I’ve ever met.

3) It’s the debut season of the show. Years later when the show is on Broadway, you can tell your friends you liked us before they did, and wear a haughty grin

4) There are lots of really catchy songs, like the heartfelt ‘Maria, You’re a Terrible Nun’, and the surprisingly fun and uplifting ‘Jews!’

5) Fans of ‘The Sound of Music‘ will find lots to like – although for legal reasons we’re emphasising that our show has nothing at all to do with that musical, and will continue to do so until ‘The Sound of Music‘ is out of copyright.

For information and tickets checkout the Fringe website