Five Good Reasons to See The Sexy Detectives: Mono Logs

1. For the money.
The boys from Sexy D have flown all the way from Brisbane, and are looking to recoup their outlay. Literally dozens of dollars are on the line here.

2. For the show.
It’s a sketch show in the tradition of Rowan Atkinson Live. Think of Dave as the Rowan Atkinson-y one, and Mike as the Angus Deayton-y one (on account of his proclivity for cocaine and prostitutes).

3. To get ready.
The show is on at 6.30pm or 7pm each night. What a good way to warm up your laughing gear for a night at the Fringe, am I right?! (Am I?)

4. Now go, cat, go.
No cats will be allowed into the performance.

5. Is alive!
Sorry, that’s a typo. It’s live. It’s not a pre-recorded show.

Performing at Club Voltaire from September 29 to October 5 For more information and tickets checkout the Fringe Website