5 Good Reasons to see Post-Post.

1)Ā Because reviewers have said Carly Milroy was ‘Outstanding!‘ (SYN), and Harley Hefford’s writing is ‘Surreal… very very funny‘ (Kimberley Thompson).

2)Ā Because Post-Post contains the most impressive performer-to-packaging goods ratio in the Fringe festival.

3)Ā Because Post-Post will wow you with 13 weirdo characters, 276 envelopes*, 1 microwave, 7 puppets* and 2 Barbara Streisand solos.

4)Ā Because you’ll get a Post-Post-postcard! Write a message to your OLD best friends in a communal postcard-writing session with a room of your NEW best friends.

5)Ā BecauseĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h3PnrvTNCM.

*sort of.

For information and tickets see the Fringe website: