Bart Freebairn: Ultra Power Lord

By Lisa Clark 

Bart Freebairn certainly has one of the funniest show descriptions in the Fringe Guide and it doesn’t let us down. Bart comes out fighting – in his own kooky comedian kind of way – all energy (even on a Wednesday evening) and ready to give us his best.

Bart is exploring his own lack of machismo; why and how he doesn’t enjoy the sorts of things that men in particular are supposed to get a kick out of. He certainly admires other men doing these things from a distance, with a delightful naughty twinkle in his eye. The bulk of the humour comes from his own inabilities in manly pursuits such as his lack of prowess in fighting, working out or casual vomiting.

He recounts for us his experience at Splendour in the Grass, his lack of joy in camping in general and why he’s staying away from certain substances nowadays. I particularly enjoy his impressive impressions of philosophical bogans, (who I feel like I’ve met and had conversations with at parties). Although he is sending them up there is no sense of malice behind the caricature. There is also a hilarious story about his dog, who like himself is a fairly ineffective master of defence.

His pub stand up and skilful Emceeing experience comes to the fore when he has to deal with disruptive audience members in the small space. Although it does break up the rhythm of the show somewhat it also leads to some delightful tangents and a learning experience for both Bart and his audience. Like the show’s description (or provocation if you will) his attitude is ‘Bring it ON’ and he shows that though he may not be good at street fighting, he can handle himself in a stand up setting where he does prove to be somewhat of a Power Lord.

Bart Freebairn has been doing comedy around the traps in Melbourne for some time or as he explains in his sketchy bio online “for a while now”. It’s clearly long enough to develop a distinctively charming and goofy style. He commands the spotlight with ease and can confidently keep an audience laughing for an hour at his enjoyable stories and quirky way of looking at stuff.

Bart Freebairn: Ultra Power Lord is on at The Imperial Hotel