Laura Davis – Pillow of Strength

By Hannah Frazer

A refreshingly honest storytelling of love, loving and kick in the guts heartbreak. Laura Davis is unashamedly bold and unique in her show Pillow of Strength.

From the moment you enter the room you begin to gain a greater understanding of the personality that is Davis. Music playing, she dances around her stage without a care in the world as the audience take their seats. Her inhibitions are non-existent while she loses herself in the music.

Davis bravely tells her brutally personal tale of woe which are so present it is almost like she is reliving those moments in front of you. From the heart skipping nervous excitement of its beginning, to the soul destroying pain of its demise, Davis gives an energetic illustration of what she was thinking and feeling as her relationship was coming to what would seem to be its enviable end.

So deeply in love from the moment of their first meeting, Davis depicts the agony of trying to deny her initial feelings and how that was a painstakingly useless task. The trouble being that these strong emotions would only make the loss that much more painful to bare. This relationship would also set a precedent for any future relationships here on after.

So easily Davis can turn this raw, heartbreaking and private story into an hour of entrancing light entertainment. A rare talent, Davis takes this sensitive topic and makes it ok to laugh at it. With some moments being so uncomfortably familiar to most, you will be left cringing on the edge of your seat, while others leaving you doubled over gasping for air as you try not to laugh and snort your appreciation for her carefully crafted material too obnoxiously.

A quirky, edgy and defiantly original performer, Davis doesn’t hold back. She bares all, and is completely and rightfully unapologetic. Captivating and entertaining never looked so easy or so simple. Davis depicts the confidence that most woman and men strive to achieve.

Laura Davis is on at The Lithuanian Club until Oct 4