5 Good Reasons to see: Tomás Ford – Electric Cabaret

1. It’s a thrill ride of oddball electronic music and cabaret that shouldn’t work, but does. Until it doesn’t, when it really doesn’t. Which is when it gets good.

2. I built this show up touring Australian punk rock pubs for years; it’s been polished through some pretty extreme audience reactions. It still gets them. They are fun to watch.

3. I worry that your night at Comedy Festival will be predictable. Let me fix that. This show can go anywhere.

4. The show has won Best WA Cabaret at Fringe World, five star reviews from Time Out London and Three Weeks, and a nomination for Best Edinburgh Cabaret.

5. Your Mum would say I have a nice voice but she wonders why I do all the “other stuff”. You will think that other stuff is the funniest bit.

Tomás Ford Performs Electric Cabaret at The Tuxedo Cat

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