5 good Reasons to See Emily Taylor’s – Backwards

5. Real kids helped make it! Hanging out with primary school kids as part of the writing process was

heaps of fun. And the show is chock full of their insights, quirks, honesty and humour.

4. This is not stand up. If you’re after something a bit different this comedy festival, this show is for

you. Satire, situation comedy, comically conflicted characters and a little bit of drama is all wrapped

up together in one interwoven narrative.

3. The profits from this season go to charity! The kids who worked on the show with me will choose

a charity to donate the profits to. So far they’ve suggested animals, sick animals, baby animals and

Lego. (We’re not choosing Lego).

2. You can bring your kids. Or (with their permission) someone else’s! Whilst not created solely for a

young audience, working with kids on the show meant that of course kids had to be able to come

and see it too. Anyone from the age of seven will get a kick out of it – adults too.

1. You will recognise yourself or someone you know. Whether you’re a kid, a big kid or a serious

Adult, Backwards explores the whole spectrum. Some of us grow up, some of us were always grown

up and some of us just like to laugh about poo.


Backwards is playing at Northcote Town Hall

For tickets and information see the MICF website: