5 good Reasons To See Clara Cupcakes in The Merchant of Whimsy

1. There is cheese. Like actual, physical cheese. Not just the show being cheesy, which it is a little bit as well. I have both literal & metaphorical cheese. Cheese.

2. You need a reason other than cheese? Really?

3. Okay then. Well, I have 6 costume changes. One of them happens in under 15 seconds. Magic! Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!

4. There are a bunch of things in the show like circus, singing, dancing, monkeys, animation, nerf guns and at least one squirrel. You know, the usual stuff.

5. If you come to the show, I will give you a hug. Unless you hate hugs. If you hate hugs we can handshake in a very official way like business associates who have just done some really good business (but I will be secretly hugging you in my brain).

The Merchant of Whimsy is on at Pleasance House Comedy. For more information and bookings visit the website: