5 Good Reasons to See Suren Jayemanne in Eat Praline, Die.

1. In 2014, Suren was handpicked by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to appear in The Comedy Zone, a showcase of the top five emerging comics from around Australia. The prestigious showcase has a rich tradition of presenting future favourites of Australian comedy, including Tom Ballard, Celia Pacquola and Ronny Chieng just to name a few.

2. Suren is not a tall white male. Quite the contrary, Suren is a petite brown… male. Suren brings a different perspective to Australian comedy, one that is from a growing voice in our society. This is intelligent and raw humour about multiculturalism in Australia.

3. Who even eats bread anymore? Suren has had life-threatening food allergies and may as well have been labelled a ‘bubble boy’ since childhood. He’s had a head start on restrictive diets, so if you’re going paleo or gluten free, perhaps you should learn from the master.

4. Suren didn’t pay attention in sex-ed. He mistakenly heard the teacher say, before any hanky-panky, it helps a lady get in the mood if there’s a bit of wordplay. Consequently, Suren spent years refining his craft for witty one-liners, but is yet to master foreplay. (Suren may have also mistakenly heard his teacher say “hanky-panky”)

5. Cause Eat Praline, Die is like Eat, Pray, Love with less of the self discovery but more Tupac references. And laughs. Plenty more laughs.

Eat Praline, Die is on at the Portland Hotel. For more information and bookings visit the website: