5 good Reasons To See Jesse Carroll in 9 Lives

1. It was written by Jesse Carroll and features stories from his very unusual life growing up in Canada. From being wrongfully placed into a mental institute at the age of 9, becoming a juvenile delinquent and breaking into houses by 12, volcano boarding in Nicaragua, managing the most notorious strip club in North America, having a hit put on him by the mafia to the insane parties in the Aussie run Canadian ski/party town of Whistler BC… This will be one of the most unique and high energy shows of the fest.

2. A dark humour delight.. If you laugh in the theatre during horror movies than this is for you!

3. It’s part of a very ambitious and elaborate master plan to remove Tony Abbot from office.

4. My opening act, Jimmy Mitchell, moonlights as a male stripper.. THAT IS NOT A JOKE! A MALE STRIPPER! And if you pay him he will get naked for you.. and he’s very cheap.

5. It’s in an intimate tequila bar… And we’re all doing shots after the show! Come be apart of the carnage!

9 Lives is on at Amigios. For more information and bookings visit the website: