5 Good Reasons to See Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

1. Again, like ever other year, there will be so much fucking glitter.

2. With 559 other shows on, there’s a whole segment devoted to plugging excellent shows, so it’s the best place to get hot tips on must-see acts.

3. It’s at Tuxy Cat, home of the best alternative comedy this festival. See the tea party and a bunch of other excellent shows in the one night. EFFICIENT ENTERTAINMENT.

4. It’s the only place this festival where there’ll be talk of fingerblasting, fisting, and fourgys yet remain a safe space for audiences who ID as any gender or sexuality.

5. You can challenge Papa Lisa to ping pong or wristies afterwards. You’ll definitely win the former but might lose at the latter.

Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party is on at The Tuxedo Cat
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