5 GOOD REASONS TO SEE FNC at The Butterfly Club

1. Unique – FNC is an improvised stand-up comedy show. It’s like theatre-sports without the

theatre, like stand-up comedy without the pre-written jokes, like wrestling without the, um,


2. Phones – You get to leave them on. In fact that’s the idea. At the show you log into our super-

secret website and make suggestions via your phone. The suggestions are then projected onto the

giant screen. In one round you even get to tell the comic what you REALLY think of them.


3. Anonymity – The comics don’t know who made the suggestions/insults. It’s heckling for introverts.


4. Schadenfreude – Watch the comics squirm as they are put under pressure time and time again.

Desperately trying to maintain some dignity in this fast-paced show.


5. Belts – Every night at least one championship belt is awarded and who doesn’t love a winner? If,

on the other hand, you prefer losers, there are three of them every night.

FNC is on  every Friday night at The Butterfly Club throughout the year at 10:30 – but for bookings and information about performances during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Checkout the Butterfly Club Website:


or the MICF website