5 Good Reasons to see Nicolette Minster in INANIMATELY

1. A UK documentary about a woman who married the Eiffel Tower left Nicolette with a lot of questions.

2. In the process of researching INANIMATELY, Nicolette copped a black eye. It still weeps, infrequently.

3. In Japan, security blankets are used in favour of straight jackets.

4. Nicolette is one half of sketch comedy sensation Girls Uninterrupted, which is on hiatus whilst Lou makes a human and Nic learns how to activate almonds. Both expected to take an equal amount of heavy breathing and epidural.

5. Show includes a fridge and some mind “magic” or your money back*. (*not guaranteed)

Nicolette Minster in INANIMATELY is on at the Forum 
April 7 – 19, 7:15pm (6:15pm Sundays)