5 Good Reasons to see Dave Bloustien: The Tinder Profile of Dorian Gray

1 The feeling of your lips forming a moue of annoyance at yet another show about Tinder, softening into intrigue as you realise it’s not about Tinder at all.

2 The flaring of your nostrils as you hear about a band Dave loved as a teenager, ravaged by time and misadventure.

3 The chills along your spine as Dave describes his fading significance as the single dad of a 7 year old Goth.

4 The tremble in the corner of your eye as Dave relates his brush with a potential STI.

5 The quickening of your pulse as Dave describes the most romantic first date of all time. Or possibly gets Catfished, and tasered on a beach somewhere.

Dave Bloustien performs The Tinder Profile of Dorian Gray The Upstairs Lounge @ Little Sista