5 Good Reasons why you should see The Umbilical Brothers: KiDSHoW (not suitable for children)

1.  It has singing, storytelling, smiles, happy dancing, fight scenes and murder.

2.  It’ll be even more fun than last year.  And there won’t be any kids there.

3.  If you’re into deconstructive comedy, this is for you.  Not only does it deconstruct theatrical reality and kids’ entertainment, it will deconstruct your sacred inner child and reconstruct it as some kind of messed-up weirdo.

4.  You have a secret desire to see something terrible happen to the Brady Bunch.

5.  You can read.  (See last year’s Squirrel Comedy review of this show.  On second thought, maybe don’t look at it – it contains spoilers.  Trust us, it’s a cracker though)

6.  The Umbilical Brothers are always prepared to go One Better for your pure entertainment.

The Umbilical Brothers: KiDSHoW (not suitable for children) is playing at the Athenaeum Theatre, March 31 to April 5, 6.45 p.m.

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