5 Good Reasons to See Tom McLean Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

1. It’s got high-brow humour
Tom McLean Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn has a bunch of jokes in it about contemporary art, ambient music, and intellectual property law as encountered by Jimi Hendrix. You’ll leave TMDHDU feeling intelligent, refreshed and glad that your powerful mind has been catered to.

2. It’s got accessible humour
Tim McLane Smashing a Ming Dynasty Vase has a bunch of jokes in it about annoying housemates, riding on trams, and getting your bone on in a variety of rude ways. You like the F-word? TMSMDV has one of them in it! Not even bleeped!

3. Tom McLean is there the whole time
Are you sick of comedy shows where the comedian just up and leaves halfway through? Me too! That’s why I wrote Troy McGuinn Exploding a Renaissance Era Amphora to feature me, Tom McLean, on stage the WHOLE time. I won’t walk out; I won’t vanish. Not me, not ever.

4. There’s a beard in it
One of the main bits of feedback I got from my last show, Ghosts are Real, was “where’s the beard?”. “Great show, Tom, so funny! But why don’t you have a beard?” Well, guess what! I grew a beard. Thad O’Mallory Obliterating an Age of Enlightenment Jardiniere will not leave you guessing where the beard is. It’s on me.

5. It’s super funny
I’ll level with you: I’m really proud of this show. It’s really funny, the jokes are great, I’ve had a lot of fun putting it together and I really think you’ll have a lot of fun sitting in front of me watching me perform it. You’ll leave with a big dumb grin on your face and a glad feeling in your heart. It’ll be good.

See Tom McLean dropping a Han Dynasty Vase at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mecure Hotel until April 5
For booking details visit the Comedy Festival Website :