3 States of Comedy

By Hannah Frazer3 States of Comedy

The fight between Melbourne and Sydney for best Aussie city is definitely one for the ages. But Geoff Setty, Gabe Hogan and Evan Hocking have amped things up a notch, by fighting for the Title of Best State. Who will take out the honour? And who will admit defeat?

Splitting the show into 3 stand up sets, each comedian getting a chance to show case their goods. Starting the night off was Hogan representing NSW. A cheeky and immediately likeable dog groomer by day, joke teller by night, she hit the night off running with some great one liners and personal anecdotes. While some of her jokes may fall short of a laugh, they are well constructed. With nerves showing a little, she still had a great handle over the audience.

Setty playing for his home state of WA takes you in to slightly darker territory with his material, shooting out some great ones liners, one after another, he is daring and bold with his material. He has a great commanding and confident presence. You feel like even though a few of his jokes slightly miss the mark with some of the audience, this is someone defiantly on the up and up.

Finally Hocking bringing it home for Victoria. Self-deprecating and relatable. Hocking tells stories of his childhood and relationships with his family in a well-constructed and well-rounded set. Hocking’s friendly and down to earth persona making him a hit with the audience.  The laughs come from deep in the belly with this guy.

Although these 3 aren’t big names in the game just yet, they are what will get you excited about the future of Aussie comedy. By the end you don’t really mind who takes out the title. Spending the evening with these kind and funny humans, let’s be honest, everyone goes home a winner.

3 States of Comedy is on at the Downstairs Lounge of the Grand Mecure Hotel until April 19