Dave Callan – A Little Less Conversation 2: A Little More Less Conversation

By Lisa Clark Dave Callan less Conversation 2

Anyone who saw Dave Callan’s A Little Less Conversation or has laughed at his astounding version of “All the Single Ladies” dance routine will understand the sort of work Dave will put into making dance funny for his audience. This is his most polished show yet and it is Awesome.

No longer hampered by a small stage or inadequate audiovisual equipment Dave is free to put on the spectacular he envisioned for the last show with four gorgeous, talented, professional dancers to have fun with. It is obvious they are all having a ball. Last year’s show was a History of Dance with the emphasis on decades of the 20th Century up. A Little Less Conversation 2: A Little More Less Conversation demonstrates  dance styles by alphabet going backwards from Zumba to Aerobics (they are not all fitness related but gosh they are making Dave fit).

A highlight from the first production is Dave having a go at pole dancing with his viking-style lack of grace being part of the comedy but my goodness he has worked on it for this production and the laughs turn to jaw dropping awe. He was also sweating and becoming quite exhausted during the last production, there is a lot less of that this time round. This is partly because he has paced it all well with breaks of standup between the blocks of dance showcases and some short stunning video interludes, which allow for costume changes that are part of the fun and plenty of surprises. Mainly though it is obvious that Dave has been working hard on his dance moves and gained in fitness.

Dave radiates joy in this production because music and dance are clearly major passions in his life. There’s a bit of 1920s Blackbottom in there but this is mostly about modern dance from the 80s on. If it wasn’t for one slightly jarring willy joke I’d say this would be one to bring kids and young teens to but if you don’t mind a bit of fake wang waved around, don’t worry too much, it’s pretty silly and harmless and they will learn about ven diagrams.

According to Dave this is part 2 of his A Little Less Conversation trilogy, I can’t wait for part 3. One thing is for sure Callan is going to be extremely fit.

Dave Callan – A Little Less Conversation  2: A Little More Less Conversation is on at Trades Hall until April 19th