The Travelling Sisters

By Ron Bingham
It’s amazing how much these three young Australian women managed to pack into 45 minutes. We had magic, folk music, a larger than life diva, some improv, a bit of hippie-hop and some very surreal floral dancing. The room is a very weird shape (it is square at the front then seems to sort of bend round a corner towards the back) and I would recommend that anyone wishing to see all of the stage action get a seat as close to the front as possible. The audience interaction is minimal and innocuous, so nervous punters can be assured of their safety.

Hailing from Brisbane Ell Sachs, Laura Trenerry and Lucy Fox bring all their experience and energy into giving the audience a fun time. There was hardly a quiet moment in the whole show, as one sketch flowed into the next (with the performers having deftly co-ordinated the costume changes and personnel, meaning there was always someone on stage). I was expecting more of the cabaret side of the show description, so the amount of comedy in the show was a pleasant surprise. I can’t give too many details about the actual sketches without giving away punchlines, but if you enjoy seeing some very funny ladies at lunchtime, then this is an excellent choice. It is part of the Free Fringe, so you pay what you think the show was worth. My opinion is that it’s definitely worth seeing.