Backwards Anorak – Winter Is Coming, Again

By Ron Bingham
Winter is coming again
This is ostensibly a workshop to cast the roles for a production of Winter Is Coming (ie Game of Thrones). The four main cast members (and the keyboard player) give a musical history of Game of Thrones with a little Harry Potter, Narnia and Lord Of the Rings added to the mix. It probably would have helped if I had seen the TV series (I’d read the first book ages ago but I have no time for long TV series’). Anyway, while the cast is singing songs and re-enacting scenes from the series, there is also a battle to see who gets to play Khaleesi. There are also roles for various members of the audience (I was nominated to play Hodor, but was sacked after the first sex scene and replaced with an understudy, thankfully).

I enjoyed the proceedings (apart from my acting, which was terrible) and even for those who have no knowledge of GoT, there is a lot of humour and music and silliness and surprise costumes and violence and simulated sex in the hour to leave you feeling that you had seen an actual episode on the TV show. The cast, Michelle Brasier, Vince Milesi, Leo Milesi, Laura Frew and the piano player (or Jon Snow) are energetic and funny and talented. Just try to avoid sitting down the front if you’re a bit shy. There are dragons and some swearing as well as the above mentioned naughtiness. It’s loud, funny and violent.