Everything That’s Wrong with the Universe – Gemma Arrowsmith

By Ron Bingham
This is a one woman comedy sketch show about science, rationality, logic and clear thinking, and why humans are so bad at it.

Gemma Arrowsmith is clearly very angry about all that she deems wrong with the world, and it is hard not to agree. Her sketch comedy attacks a wide range of  hot topic issues likely to make most people’s blood boil, including; homoeopathy, plastic surgery, religion, astrology, Dragons Den and Edinburgh Festival reviewers. Hmmm….I wonder if the last one is only included when a reviewer is in the room?

On a more positive note she also entertains us with some readings from her fabulous fan fiction writing, which are a treat but I’m not going to spoil the surprise of her passions here. The show is well crafted and her interactions with the recorded material work very well. Her characters from goofy to vicious using wigs and variety of accents demonstrated her impressive range and she proves to be quite a talented comedy actress.

An entertaining hour of very professional acting, with some excellent sharp and incisive comedy writing and I love many of the targets in her show and how she skewers them. This is the perfect afternoon show for those with a slightly cynical or skeptical nature.