Gearoid Farrelly – Gearoid Less Travelled

By Ron Bingham
Gearoid Farrelly
Gearoid Farrelly is from Ireland and he started Gearoid Less Travelled by explaining that he had chosen this title to help people from outside Ireland understand how to pronounce his name (for those still confused it rhymes with The Road and starts with a hard G). Unfortunately, this idea has turned out to be a dismal failure and he related to the audience some of the most offensive things that people had called him. Happily though his Fringe show is not a dismal failure at all.

With a gentle and friendly persona Gearoid finds humour in mostly very accessible places such as his family and day to day life, occasionally taking us close to some edgy areas but never goes too far. He demonstrated why he is not a fan of audience banter, spoke about his exciting day job in insurance and his being gay, which led to a lengthy explanation of why the recent referendum vote in support of gay marriage was not welcomed by all gay people. He shared with us how living with a new partner can be traumatic and the problems with adopting a rescue dog. The performance ended with a cautionary tale of the dangers of inserting inferior products (cotton buds) into orifices (ears) and how Casualty Staff are experts at embarrassing those people when it all goes slightly wrong.

A lovely hour of chat from a very entertaining young man presiding over a very happy full house. The room gets very hot (as most of the festival rooms do) and it is not a large venue – Gearoid disparaging referred to it as “A bloody tiny schoolroom”. Highly recommended if you’re looking for friendly banter from an up-and-coming comedian.