5 Good Reasons to see Little Mountain Goblin by Brianna Williams

1. If you’re perpetually late, just can’t return texts or emails and sometimes find yourself lying awake thinking about that weird thing you did to Sarah Glenister at year 9 Music Camp, you will enjoy this show. (Sarah Glenister probably won’t though.)

2. You like, you know, human things. Like laughing and connecting with people. Those are things, right?

3. It’s been a bit too long since you’ve heard Jason Donovan’s “Sealed With a Kiss”. I’m here to help you with that.

4. You enjoy the aroma of freshly cooked popcorn* (outside of a trauma to the brain).

5. You want to know exactly what a Little Mountain Goblin could be.

* Only crazy people do not enjoy this delicious smell.

Little Mountain Goblin by Brianna Williams is on at The Butterfly Club

For Tickets and Info: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/b4105a7d-1e95-40a7-a1b9-f60b539d9078