5 Good Reasons to see Big Strong Boy by Dan Pavatich

1. You are a friend or family member of Dan Pavatich (or Marcus Willis – The Director of Big Strong Boy).

2. Your Father once responded to your heartfelt SMS with a “Thank you.” Yes, you were friend-zoned by your Father.

3. Your Grandfather lied to you about Italian Easter traditions, and now you embarrass yourself in front of other Italians.

4. You would like to know more about X-Men Versus Street-fighter and/or Japanese Sex Clubs.

5. You’re the kind of person who would love to hear about one mans journey of discovering what he is not.

Big Strong Boy by Dan Pavatich is on at The Improv Conspiracy Office 18-25 Sept

For Tickets & Info: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/bda6625f-fbd0-48e2-97b6-d5357a1817d9