5 Good reasons to see Line by Line

1. Rohan Ganju and Geoff Setty present a unique funny show offering one liner after one liner. Alternating at times and really trying to make each other laugh.

2. The fun happens when the wheels fall off and the audience don’t laugh as much as we’d like. That’s when the duo go ‘to town’ on each other.

3. The one liners offer a mixture of popular culture references, black comedy and ridiculous puns.

4. Bouncing off each other like squash-balls in a small oven, Ganju and Setty offer an exclusive show each time its performed – with different one liners, different reactions and different audiences.

5. Ganju was the Runner-up in Raw Comedy 2015 and Setty has been described as ‘definitely on the up and up’ – Squirrel Comedy MICF review,  so they aren’t going to be entirely crap.

Line by Line is on at at the Courthouse Hotel on Saturday 19 Sept, 26 Sept and 3rd Oct