Lisa-Skye: Work Hard, Live Weird – A werk in progress

1. It’s the most sex-, queer-, kink-, gender-fluidity-, body-positive show of the fest. It celebrates all us glorious freaky-deaks, hedonists and weirdos.

2. It’s Lisa-Skye’s first solo show in over a year!

3. It’s FREE. It’s a work-in-progress trial show, so you’re pretty much getting in before her world domination tour of 2016.

4. It’s a god damn safe space for all of us to have some mother flipping fun. No picking on the audience, no interaction you don’t (literally) ask for.

5. Glitter and face.

Lisa-Skye: Work Hard, Live Weird  is on at the Tuxedo Cat 25-27 Sept 9.45