5 Good Reasons to SHOOT FROM THE HIP

1. It’s just like a 1940s black-and-white movie but in colour! With live actors! And it’s 2015!


2. According to our narrator, “‘Shoot from the Hip’ takes us into the seedy backwaters of a city filled with lust and crime, a city of dark motives and lust, a city of low cut dresses of booze and lustful thoughts, crooked cops, lust and corruption and gorgeous temptresses, guns and lust.”


3. The script was generated by a roomful of monkeys randomly hitting typewriters… OK, that’s not true, but the scriptwriter did work for peanuts.


4. The jokes in the show are better than the joke in number 3.


5. Did we mention lust?

16-25 Sept @ The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne