Geraldine Hickey – Winner!

By Lisa Clark Geraldine-Hickey WINNER

Lotto even more than other forms of gambling is about dreams, plans and anticipation. Geraldine Hickey is in a happy place having won at love but there is a catch and she’s discovered that sometimes when you realise your dreams they are not always the completely perfect thing you imagined, but that’s OK.

During Fringe, in a sea of nervous newbies it’s lovely to relax in the presence of a seasoned pro like Geraldine Hickey. She’s an expert at putting the audience at ease, with relaxed funny banter and pertinent questions that engage, add to the concept of the show and help fill that time when people are settling in. When some audience members arrive really late she manages with ease, asking them what they would do if they won lotto and gradually brings things back to where she’d left off in her tale.

Geraldine is a famously engaging storyteller with some very funny stories to share with us. I’ve heard the one about horse riding done in short form at a pub gig, but here in full and in context it’s even better. Importantly the stories don’t feel like they’ve been shovelled awkwardly into the theme. Everything in Winner! flows seamlessly. Throughout she cleverly dots her tales with sizzle about the big finale and her special guest Pat presenting ‘Pat’s Lotto’.

The finale which invites the audience to play ‘Pat’s Lotto’ is a crowd pleaser and may win you cash or, more likely, some alcoholic shots. It was great to see the cliché of barrel girl turned on it’s head somewhat and the glamorous woman taking control with hosting duties, as well as the barrel. The cash prize jackpots every night. If there are no winners of the shots Pat must drink them instead, so if you don’t get a drink there’s sure to be joy in seeing her becoming quite squiffy and trying to finish the show. Pat ended the show sober on our night and did a fine job, but there seemed to be something unfinished about our mate Geraldine not returning to tie things up a little and see us off, but maybe that’s just me.

This is a fair bet for a good time at the fringe, even if you don’t walk out with the cash, by picking Geraldine’s show you’ll be winning.

Winner! is on at The Imperial Hotel

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