5 Good Reasons To See Trillcumber – Is This Intimacy?

1. What they lack in Tinder/Abbott references, they make up for in heart-warming/breaking, character-driven sketch.

2. You’ll be empowered (whether you like it or not) by Cindy, in her first public appearance since new Australian variety show Amateur Hourhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBkCeLGULu8

3. Amazing! You won’t believe their new workout plan that guarantees results in just 25 years!

4. It’s an hour of unrequited, interconnected sketch, and their 2015 MICF show sold out.

5. Hayley, Simon and Mario have spent so much time training at Chicago’s iO and Second City Theatres, and with Melbourne’s Improv Conspiracy, that they can only really communicate through sketch. Please “talk” to them.

Trillcumber’s Is This Intimacy? is on at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre