5 Good REASONS to see Lisa-Skye and Nick Caddaye are Gentlemen’s Agreement

1) Does your sense of humour confuse other people? Then do we have a show for you!

2) Gentlemen’s Agreement features two of Australia’s first comics together on stage for the first time. Except for that other time. But that was ages ago, and doesn’t really count.

3) What else are you gonna do, huh? Stay home and watch The Mentalist? What’s Simon Baker even up to these days? I hope we was well paid for those ANZ ads…

4) What happens when you put one of Australia’s weirdest stand-ups on stage with one of Australia’s finest sketch comedy writers? They struggle to remember their lines, is what. Bloody hell, it’s been a struggle…

5) It’s good. No, seriously. It’s funny and interesting and clever and not especially expensive. You should come.

Lisa-Skye and Nick Caddaye’s Gentlemen’s Agreement is on at The Tuxedo Cat til Sept 24