5 Good Reasons To See Hewy & Taunts Go H.A.M.

1. Tim’s first girlfriend said his flaccid penis was cute.

2. Taunts once fell off his bed during orgasm and caught his sperm.

3. Tim pissed on his mum at his 21st (accidently).

4. Taunts still wishes he didn’t throw away pro golf for bongs.

5. Good boys. Good show. Good way to spend an hour at 6pm at the Imperial.

Hewy & Taunts Go H.A.M. is on at 6PM at the Imperial Hotel from September 26th to

October 2nd

For Info and tickets: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/169d64f3-4f92-46fc-beaa-220cfb0623b8