Kilian David – Kililiananan Davavidid

By Elyce Phillips Kilian David pic

Sydney comic Kilian David has brought his first solo show down to Melbourne Fringe this year. Kililiananan Davavidid is a likeable collection of sketch and stand-up, showcasing David’s talent for creating characters and impersonating David Bowie. The material is hit-and-miss, but there are some moments of fantastic comedy that shine through

That Kililiananan Davavidid is David’s first solo show is fairly apparent. The more successful elements of the show are sketches, often involving David playing several characters interacting with one another. The stand-up sections of the show, however, needed work. David is a likeable storyteller, but the stand-up pieces felt unstructured – like a tipsy mate telling you a rambling story down at the pub. David occasionally struggled to find the right words, and his stories often fell flat at the end, not arriving at any sort of strong punchline. The stand-up wasn’t delivered with the same confidence as the sketches, and so the show lost its momentum during these parts.

There were definitely some promising moments in Kililiananan Davavidid, though. An audaciously simple bit involving David clicking his fingers to music was absolutely hilarious, as were a series of mime performances set to the score of The Never Ending Story. The sketches were all strong and performed in an assured manner. David showed a real ability for establishing characters through voice and expression, and that brought these parts of the show to a higher level.

Kililiananan Davavidid is a mixed bag of a show, but tucked in amongst the shakier moments are some real comedic gems. David definitely has the skills to create a hilarious solo show. His material just needs some more refining to take it from affably amusing to something truly great.

Kililiananan Davavidid is on at the Highlander Bar until October 3