5 Good Reasons To See CJ Delling: Funny Bits

1. Funny Bits is an hour of my best stand-up. Because you deserve only the best.

2. There’s no audience interaction, so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the jokes with a

cold beverage. In fact this show is so gentle you could bring your mum, first date, or dentist


3. It starts at 7pm. Perfect timing to grab dinner before or after the show (or both).

4. You get to meet me before and after the show (or both). I know, right?

5. Reviewers said I have “Charming delivery… refreshing and funny” and also “She made a goth

laugh for f—‘s sake. Check her out”. That happened.

CJ Delling: Funny Bits is on at The Bull and Bear Tavern 23 March – 3 April
For more info go to the Festival site: