5 Good Reasons to see Guy Montcomedy

1) I am the only one performing it! Just as I’d hoped, I am the only one performing this show during the MICF and therefore, the only opportunity you will have to see it!

2) You could meet your future soul mate at the show! Or, if no-one else was to come to the show but you, we could finally spend some quality one on one time together.

3) I am going to perform it either way. Not sure if this is motivation to come or not but I will be going ahead with show with or without you. For me, personally, it would be better if you were there.

4) You haven’t seen me do stand up comedy before! I am good at it I swear, let me prove it to you.

5) You’ve already seen me do stand up comedy and you liked it. Come see me do some more!

Guy Montgomery performs Guy Montcomedy at the Forum Theatre