5 Good Reasons to see Snort with Friends

1. Every show is different and it’s all made up on the spot! If you weren’t there, you won’t quite get it… Like when your colleagues are talking about “that thing” that Ricky did at the staff Christmas party that you missed.

2. Snort are from New Zealand. If you go see Snort there’s no reason to ever need to go there. That’s a saving of like $3000 (travel and accom included)

3. Lorde’s friends sometimes come to our show.

4. We are filled with Billy T Award winners and Best Newcomer winners. These are awards mean nothing to you, but basically they are the NZ Oscars.

5. This quote from a review: “It’s playful yet pointed, ruthlessly clever but never cruel, and creates the delightful sensation that you’ve slipped and fallen deep into the hive mind of Auckland’s best comedic talent”

Snort with Friends is on at Trades Hall