5 Good Reasons to see Clara Cupcakes in Hot Patootie

1. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure show where the audience picks what they want to see in the show. It’s like Goosebumps without all the ghosts and slime monsters and stuff. Or is it…….

2. It’s actually two shows! That’s right. Circus and Hollywood. I wrote two shows like a big dummy. But both of them are real fun and good and you get to pick which one you want to see at the start. You’re in charge! Which is not at all intimidating for me AHAHAHAHA oh god.

3. Hot Patootie is fun to say. Go yell it at the top of your lungs in the middle of the street, “HOT PATOOTIE”. See? So much fun!

4. There are animal hats. So many animal hats.

5. They are very silly shows but also fun and meaningful so you’ll feel super nice after you leave. Like a big ol’ warm hug from your favourite crazy Auntie.

Clara Cupcakes performs Hot Patootie at The Butterfly Club from March 22 – April 3

*note it starts Tues 22nd March.