5 Good Reasons to See Eileen Williams in Irrelevant

1) Hello, Mrs Eileen Williams here to tell you why you should come to see Irrelevant at the Butterfly Club at the end of March. It will be quite the social occasion. I will be there in support, but of course more importantly my husband, Mr Howard Williams, will be there and will have wonderful, relevant opinions on things.

2) Howard is a very good husband and takes very good care of me. In fact, he takes excellent care of all his things. His golf clubs are very shiny.

3) Although it might seem that the word “Irrelevant” is very long and not suitable for women, it turns out it’s just a three syllable word with a little hat on. So, all invited.

4) Did you know that back in the 1950s the word ‘applesauce’ was – ahem, excuse me – an expletive? It was a very dangerous decade for cooking pork dishes let me tell you.

5) I’m so sorry, my husband Howard has just reminded me that it is not the wife’s duty to enter into correspondence with tabloids unless typing for her husband. This is ever so embarrassing. Please disregard this email.

Michelle Nussey as Eileen Williams in Irrelevant is on at the Butterfly Club 22 -27 March

*Note it starts on Tue the 22nd

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