5 Good Reasons to see Chris Martin & Taylor Edwards in BangNation

1. Puppies are our number 1 demographic

What can we say? Puppies love our style of comedy, possibly because we perform like insane loveable puppies. Our venue has a strict no pets policy so you should see us and tell your pets how good it was! They want to know.

2. We have the number 1 animal costume in show business

Part of comedic magic comes from our shitty glorious props and costumes – we have one sketch where the animal costume is so realistic you’ll be thinking “Hey I thought I was at a comedy show… not a zoo! What’s going on here?”

3. We eat a lot of Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious, fresh and made with love. We eat so much of it that it rubbed off on us. The results speak for themselves, BangNation is well seasoned and pho-tastic!

4. The show is genuinely good and funny

We are very proud of our crazy little show and we love performing it for anyone who lets us. One night, some guy described our stage chemistry as the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, so that’s pretty cool! Reviews have described this show as genuinely funny, with a dorky charm mixed with the hyperactive absurdity of Sam Simmons. Hell yeah!

5. BangNation is a celebration of the style of comedy that bought Chris and Taylor together

That’s right! We’re a couple. We met doing improvised comedy together years ago in Brisbane and have a love affair with fast-paced, absurd comedy. BangNation is our celebration of the joy that can be found in the silliness of life and in each other.

Chris Martin & Taylor Edwards perform BangNation The Downstairs Lounge at The Grand Mercure Hotel,  Mar 24 – Apr 3

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