5 Good Reasons to see Suren Jayemanne: Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator

1. It’s got one of the best posters in the festival (fun fact: Suren asked his designer to make him look really cool, and he said “I guess we better illustrate it then”)

2. The best comedy has you laughing during the show and leaves you thinking about it after the show. Suren’s comedy has been described as “f*cking hilarious” (The Daily Review) & “all smut and race” (Ranjit Jayemanne in conversation with his son after a show)

3. Suren has a white girlfriend. This isn’t really a reason to see the show, it’s just something he feels the need to publicise whenever the opportunity presents.

4. Have you heard about Belleville’s chicken? You’ve heard about Comedy Roasts before, but they’ve never been combined quite like this

5. Appearing in Comedy Zone (MICF 2014) & as a FRESH artist (SCF 2015), Suren has been touted as a hot new act to watch by Australia’s two major comedy festivals (but none of its major Intelligence authorities)

Suren Jayemanne performs Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator at Belleville Mar 22 – Apr 2

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