5 Good Reasons to see Alexis Simmonds and Helene Murray in 7 Simple Life Lessons with Lexi & Lilith

1. You’re feeling nostalgic for all female 90s indie punk bands. Don’t worry, so is Lexi. With the help of Lilith and Lola (the ukulele), she will cure your ills.

2. You regret that time you went to that concert of that band you really love and you didn’t buy the t-shirt because your friend who was with you at the concert of that band you really love told you not to, because they don’t understand how much you love that band and wearing t-shirts.

3. You’ve always wondered about the secret inner workings of the CWA.

4. You belong to a generation. That’s right, any generation at all. At some point, you were born into this crazy world. Now Lexi and Lilith will combine their wisdom to help guide you through it.

5. You like moist cake. Or just the words “moist” and “cake”.

Alexis Simmonds and Helene Murray perform 7 Simple Life Lessons with Lexi & Lilith The Grand Mercure Hotel

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