5 Good Reasons to see Peter Jones – This Show May Be Recorded For Quality Purposes

1. It will give you a good response for when somebody in the office on Monday says “you get up to much on the weekend?” you can say “I saw Peter Jones in This Show May Be Recorded For Quality Purposes” and then you can say the same thing for the next six people you see who will ask the same question.

2. Remembering one of the jokes from the show will make good water cooler banter; which is the most important type of office based banter there is.

3. Last year the Herald Sun described Peter Jones as a “newcomer with heat”; which seems positive!

4. Peter Jones is very funny. A lot of people say so. You’ve probably even said it yourself.

5. The Greek Centre has a rooftop bar, so after you’ve finished laughing you can look out across the city with a beer in hand and say things like “now that was a funny show, I can’t wait to tell everybody in the office about it and encourage them to buy tickets to see the show also, so they can also have a good time, like the good time I just had, at that show I saw, the one with Peter Jones in it.”

Peter Jones – This Show May Be Recorded For Quality Purposes is on at The Greek Centre

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