5 Good Reasons to See Coleman & Freund – Uncompetent

1. It’s not quite stand up, it’s not quite sketch, it’s not quite theatre… it’s where all three meet at a late night party and get funky.

2. It’ll be like seeing The Beatles before The Beatles were famous; and if The Beatle’s were just Ringo Star’s pet iguana and a microphone.

3. For every ticket you don’t buy we buy a Hillsong album.

4. Because Ollie is very good at diagnosing minor skin complaints. Bring us your rash!

5. We almost forgot to mention… It’s cheaper than most other shows!!!!$!$$!$!!!$!$!!!$$$!!!!$$!$!$!

Coleman & Freund are Uncompetent at The Tuxedo Cat til Apr 5
For more information see the MICF website: