Five good reasons to see The Consumption in The People vs. Carmen Sandiego

1. It’s a fun mix of live and video sketches. They’re returning to the stage and this time they’re bringing film! It’s like a night at the theatre and a trip to the movies all at once. What more do you want?

2. We can pretty much guarantee you won’t be stung by bees during the show. * Who else can promise that?

3. They’re masters of puns. As the hosts and contestants of the PunWatch podcast, these guys cannot be out-punned. No other sketch group can make you groan and roll your eyes with such dad-like efficiency.

4. They’re a handsome bunch. Whether you like tall pasty white guys with long hair or tall pasty white guys with short hair, those Consumption lads have some eye-candy for everyone. Come for the jokes, stay for the sweet, sweet booty.

5. You’ll get to see an adorable puppy. He’s so freakin’ cute that he’ll make your dog look like a pile of cold snot! Sure he’s a real diva to work with and refuses to learn his lines, but what do you care? Puppy! So cute!!

*Guarantee not legally binding. Thursday night is “Live Bee Night”; things tend to get a bit wild.

The Consumption are performing The People vs Carmen Sandiego at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel from April 5 – 17.
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