5 Good Reasons To See – Be A MAN James Rankin 

Reason 1
In 2016 how can anyone really define what a man is anymore? Whatever the modern day Oxford Dictionary definition of Manhood is, James Rankin is clearly failing at it. If you have ever thought of yourself as a rubbish adult, then this show will make you feel slightly better about your shortcomings!

Reason 2
James Rankin is one of the most exiting comedians to emerge from the Melbourne comedy scene. Be a Man is his debut solo show and the fruition of all the hard and hilarious work he has put into the serious business of making people laugh.

Reason 3

James has performed around the globe and has a unique approach to the art of stand up. Be a Man is full of great anecdotal story telling and truly ludicrous internal monologues. If you want to experience some stand up that stands out from the rest, come see Be A Man.

Reason 4

Be a Man is silly, dark, true, insightful, aggressive and downright weird all in one show. Who honestly doesn’t love a silly, dark, true, insightful, aggressive and downright weird show?

Reason 5

Why else would you come to a stand up comedy show other than to laugh your jocks off! This show is crammed full of the hilarious attitudes and bizarre beliefs that James has had as he tries to determine where he stands amongst modern man. This is a debut Comedy Festival Show that is not to be missed!

Be A Man By James Rankin is on at The Improv Conspiracy

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