5 Good Reasons to See Ben Volchok: Ben’s Illustrious Fact Show: Episode 2

1. You’ve seen the first one and liked what you saw. (Illustrious!)

2. You haven’t seen the first one and haven’t liked what you didn’t see. (You need no prior knowledge – of the show, or in general!)

3. You are someone who values the importance of nonsense, imagination, silliness and wordplay and maybe wants to see something other than some person talking about things that happened to them in supermarkets and offices and houses and other real stories about other such buildings. Although speaking of houses did you know that the first houses (circa 1653) had no ceilings or rooves and were originally kept dry with numerous bundles of umbrellas taped to one another and balanced on the tops of the walls? (That’s an illustrious fact for you, for free!)

4. You are me and have to go otherwise there’ll just be an empty stage for five nights from the 5th to the 9th of April 2016 at 6pm at the Highlander Bar, 11a Highlander Lane, Melbourne. (Some may argue that this would be an improvement. Those people are welcome to not come to the show.)

5. You know me personally and have been endlessly harangued and/or would feel bad if you didn’t. (Guilt fills seats!)

For more illustrious Information see the MICF website: