5 Good Reasons to See Dinosaur Park (The Jurassic Parody)

1. You love ‘Jurassic Park’

Fans of the dinosaur adventure have come to this show in their thousands (literally) and everyone leaves with a smile on their face. The references and iconic moments are all there, each with their own unique twist. Even Sam Neil (Dr Alan Grant) loved it, tweeting: “BRILLIANT! Hilarious, poignant, spot on – great.” So if that doesn’t convince you…

2. You’ve never even seen ‘Jurassic Park’

Loads of people have come to the show who have never seem the film and loved it. That’s because, alongside the re-enactment of the film, the show tells it’s own original story of a family who are coping with the loss of their palaeontologist mother. Did we mention it’s also VERY funny?

3. You trust Edinburgh Fringe audiences

This show played to a completely sold out Fringe, over 4000 people came in one month and not one bad review!

4. You love physical theatre

Superbolt trained together at the Jacques Lecoq School of Movement and Theatre in Paris, famous for producing innovative companies such as Mummenschanz, Complicite and Théatre du Soleil.

5. You’re a human being

This show has something for everyone. Go to Superbolt’s website to see the extensive list of amazing reviews, awards, tweets and general praise this show has received. Be a ‘clever girl’ and see Dinosaur Park.

Dinosaur Park (The Jurassic Parody) is on at Trades Hall

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