5 Good Reasons to see Simon & Perri Go Large

1: It has been hyped as one of the greatest stage performances in history, by Simon and Perri themselves, and based on nothing at all.

2: They were specifically told they weren’t allowed to have fire. So you’re definitely not going to see fire. Wink wink. No but seriously, they signed a contract.

3: Simon has the hair of a Greek god, whilst Perri has the beard of a Greek woman. Both are very impressive.

4: They’ve spared no expense; they are providing all of the chairs! Well, the venue is, but they paid the venue. Actually they’re still paying the venue, it’s an installment thing… anyway, you don’t need to know this, it’s not important. There are seats okay? Who doesn’t love a good sit?

5: It features two very promising comedians, of two very different styles, splitting the show right down the middle. There’s something for everyone. Unless you’re a pyromaniac, sorry, they signed a contract.

Simon Cumming and Perri Cassie perform Simon & Perri Go Large  at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel from Apr 5

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