Andrew Ryan – Ruined

By Ron Bingham Andrew Ryan

Andrew is from Cork. He suffers from gluten intolerance. He isn’t happy about it. This is his tale.


For the last 18 months or so Andrew has been suffering from a number of annoying debilities, which he lovingly describes to the audience in detail. Eventually he goes to his doctor who suggests that he may be gluten intolerant but, as the tests will take a while to confirm this, maybe he should stop eating certain foods and see whether this clears up his symptoms. He is fine with the list until the doctor mentions Guinness. Cue Irish patriotic horror. We’re then treated to a description of the taste and texture of the food available in the gluten-free aisle of supermarkets.


Andrew then takes us back in time to question whether his troublemaking at school may have been due to food allergies or just boyish high spirits. He has many tales of high school highjinx, his record includes being caught on the roof during class and a failed attempt to organise a little party for his fellow classmates during a trip to France. Before Andrew’s diagnosis he also tried self-help books, and he gives an excellent summation of the dubious qualities of this literary genre. Finally, there is a touching tale about helping to find a missing child in Edinburgh, which warmly wraps up the show.


A beautifully told and well-structured hour of engaging stories. Andrew is a very fast talker and has a very confident manner. The audience laughed heartily and were very appreciative at the end. Highly recommended.


Ruined is on at Assembly George Square Studios until August 28